Foreigners Again|| EFF Closed a Foreigner’s Shop After It Was Selling Government’s School Books

Foreigners Again|| EFF Closed a Foreigner’s Shop After It Was Selling Government’s School Books.

One of the reasons why most provinces in South Africa have a lower standard of education compared to others, particularly provinces like Limpopo and Mpumalanga, is that most schools in these provinces are dealing with a shortage of stationery. This is one of the reasons why most provinces in South Africa have a low standard of education. However, it may come as a surprise to learn that the Department of Education does, in fact, provide money and stationery to schools. Furthermore, many people have asserted that stationery is being stolen or sold in the majority of South African schools. The government provides students with free books, but some dishonest school administrators steal them and sell them on the black market. This is one of the factors that contributes to the dearth of stationery that can be seen in educational institutions today.

As a consequence of all of this, the economic freedom fighter shut down one of the businesses owned by foreigners after it was discovered that the store was selling books that belonged to public schools. According to the reports, they were informed that someone was selling stationery that was designed for school students to stores that were operated by Ethiopians. This information was contained in the reports. Cllr. Mafia Fane and Chairman Sthembiso Nkuna went to the shop KaDonsi and shut it down as a form of protest and in an effort to get answers to the questions that they had. They are looking for explanations regarding the origin of the texts.

Even though they claim that school costs are free, many schools nonetheless require parents to pay school fees on behalf of their children. They steal school goods, sell them, and then demand money from the parents in order for the school to be able to purchase new supplies. Thefts of school books and break-ins at schools by criminals have been the subject of a disturbingly high number of news headlines. And unexpectedly, those books were just delivered a few weeks ago; the dates printed on them (23 August 2022) indicate that they are volumes that were originally intended to be distributed to students in January of the following year.

According to my point of view, those books must have been taken from schools by thugs. Alternatively, it is possible that one of the stakeholder school officials, most likely the principal, is conducting business with those individuals from other countries. The owner of this company needs to be taken into custody and questioned about where he obtained the books. The businesses owned by foreigners ought to be shut down because it appears that they contribute more negative things than positive things. If they are not selling products that are phony or rotten, then they are selling things that have been stolen. In point of fact, expats are required to leave. All praise and gratitude go to the EFF for taking a stand for the people.


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