Fikile Mbalula Is A Family Man, Take A Look At his Children And A Beautiful Wife.

Fikile Mbalula Is A Family Man, Take A Look At his Children And A Beautiful Wife.

Mbalula said in a lengthy interview that he and his wife Nozuko went through difficult times that led to the breakup of their marriage. The current transport minister told Times Live that he lost his wife but now regrets it.

Mbalula said she was not honest at the time and preferred strong and confident women. But he soon realized it was Nozuko.To make matters worse, Nozuko said that as minister of the Metropolitan Police Department in 2016, he was by her side throughout the process, offering sound advice and positive support.Fikile Mbalula and his wife have been married for 20 years and are raising two children together at their home in Johannesburg. With the help of his wife, Fikile has three wonderful children.

He has three beautiful children. I have two daughters and a son. The first one looks like a teenage girl. A toddler in pre-k or kindergarten looks like a respectable kid.

South African politician Pikile Mbalula is known to have praised the family on Twitter and Facebook.

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As a well-known politician and entertainer, Mbalula can be a role model for men who value their families and take care of their offspring. If the country is to develop, more South African men need to follow Mbalula’s example and put their families before their own success. He does the right thing as a man of high authority, which also motivates the youth.

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