“Fearless March, Illegal Foreigners Are Going To Leave Our Country”

“Fearless March, Illegal Foreigners Are Going To Leave Our Country”

The movement of Combat is now taking matters Into its own hands regarding the issue of illegal foreign nationals, as we all know the government is not taking any effort in the pandemic of illegal foreign nationals, despite proof of a series of crimes being committed by illegal foreign nationals, as well as owning illegal firearms.

The mission of Combat is clear illegal foreign nationals have no place in South Africa, and our justice system on the other hand is failing our people.

The youthful and fearless militants these combatants have shut down laser park as we’re speaking. They even went as far as stating that we’re allergic to lawlessness, they’re refusing to allow South Africa to turn into a crime paradise. They won’t surrender until illegal foreign nationals are out of the community but the next step for them is the country. South Africa should be free of illegal foreign nationals.

As we all in South Africa, when the citizens are taking action against the issues of illegal foreign nationals we’re being labeled Xenophobic, but if I may ask a serious question. Which country in the world does it have 13 million foreign nationals? and provide for their free education, hospital bills, clinic, water as well as electricity on top of that many companies are employing illegal foreign nationals. South Africans don’t have any benefits why? the government is refusing to put our people first.

We should be thankful in South Africa for having movements such as Operation Dudula as well as combat, those two sets of groups are not afraid of putting South Africans first.

At this rate, our children are going to seek jobs with illegal foreign nationals, which is not a positive sign. We need more soldiers deployed at our borders, we need to deport illegal foreign nationals as well.


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