Everything You Need To Know About Late Riky Rick’s Wife, Bianca

The late Riky Rick was a lot of things to different people in his life. He was a musical legend to many, a role model and mentor to some, a friend and confidant to others, a brother and a son to some, a father to his two beautiful children, and a loving husband to his wife.

While the world mourned his death, those closest to him suffered a greater loss than the rest of the world as he left a gap that cannot be filled. If you’ve been wondering who the beautiful woman who got to spend part of her life with Riky Rick was then here is everything you need to know about her.

Who is Riky Rick’s wife?

The late Riky Rick’s wife and mother of his children is a beautiful woman called Bianca Naidoo. She is from Isipingo, KwaZulu-Natal and is of mixed heritage having both Indian and Zulu parents.

Riky Rick and Bianca met in 2010 and started dating shortly after. In 2013, they got married and in 2014, they welcomed their first son together named Maik Daniel. Riky Rick’s wife had an older daughter from her previous relationship called Jordan. The family of four all loved in their home in Johannesburg.

Before her marriage to Riky Rick, Bianca reportedly worked as a Traffic and On-Air Production Co-ordinator at Fox International Channels. She later became Riky Rick’s talent manager. Riky Rick always showered his wife with love on social media and considered her the love of his life. In May 2020 during their 7th wedding anniversary, the late Riky Rick took to Instagram to celebrate their anniversary and thank Bianca for being in his life saying:

“Find yourself someone who loves you unconditionally. Someone who accepts you as you are but also does everything to help you grow into what you can be. The past 7 years have taught me so much about life and love.”

Riky Rick’s wife’s first interview

Ahead of the 2022 Youth Day, Bianca Naidoo had her first photoshoot and interview since Riky Rick’s death with the Art of Superwoman magazine. In the interview, she talked about how she was planning on using Riky Rick’s music to keep his legacy of helping the youth grow alive.

In the interview, Riky Rick’s widow also ousted the notion that people have of her being unhappy simply because she is shy saying that it was far from the truth.

Riky Rick’s wife’s tattoo

On 28th May 2022, Riky Rick’s wife made news when she got a surreal tattoo of Riky Rick’s face on her arm to keep his memory alive. The tattoo was shared by the artist- tattoosbybryan on his Instagram page, acknowledging that the tattoo had been inked on Bianca Naidoo.

And while most of the late Riky Rick’s fans were touched by his widow’s gestures, a few people were not very sure about Bianca’s choices and they were quick to point out that it would prevent her from getting remarried in future.

Bianca Naidoo’s social media

The late Riky Rick’s wife is a very private person who loves to keep her life away from the interfering eyes of social media. She has a private Instagram account @thesecretlifeof_b with less than 300 followers and she is not on both Facebook and Twitter.


Besides building her late husband’s legacy, Bianca Naidoo is also busy taking care of her kids whom she considers to be her greatest gift.


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