Durban Gen actor Nyaniso Dzedze ‘Dr Dhlomo’s salary revealed

Durban Gen actor Nyaniso Dzedze ‘Dr Dhlomo’s salary revealed

Dr Dhlomo joined the staff at Durban General hospital as a hotshot doctor that stole the hearts of the female nurses. His eyes, however, were on Nurse Mtshali, who hated his guts at first and could not stand him and his attention. Despite her first problems with him, he slowly won her over with gifts and constant gestures of love being the material person she is.

Their love grew with each day, but Dhlomo is oblivious that she is hiding a big secret that could ruin their relationship. On their wedding day, Dhlomo hits Sne because of a minor mistake, but because of her mother’s advice, she goes on to marry him. Their marriage was no all roses, as she thought, and she found herself back at her job seeking medical help because of the bruises her husband gave her.

Nyaniso Dzedze on Durban Gen

Currently, Dhlomo is in a fix because his abusive ways are coming back to bite him as Mbali threatens him to get her way. If any of it goes public, it will humiliate him, and he may lose his license because of the charges of abuse. So like any person who wants to keep putting up a good person facade, he is willing to do what it takes to let the sleeping demon lie.

The actor made his comeback to the screen several months ago, and it made headlines all over the country. Many people had not seen him in Television productions for a long time, and knowing his seasoned talent, they were glad to see him back. In the wake of his return, fans wondered how much the seasoned actor of his calibre was being offered as compensation.

Nyaniso Dzedze

Through the grapevine, rumours have been circulating that the actor gets between R50 000-R60 000. The salaries of actors are given depending on the experience of the actor and the number of scenes that he appears in that month. It’s safe to say that Nyaniso Dzedze is one of the most paid actors in the medical drama series.

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