Duduzane Went to Nkandla Yesterday, He Bought His Father a Heartbreaking Present.

Duduzane Went to Nkandla Yesterday, He Bought His Father a Heartbreaking Present.

Many people have been asking about what is happening between former president Jacob Zuma and his son, Duduzane. These two don’t have a close relationship. Zuma has a son, and he always spends his time with his daughter. Wherever he goes, she’s always there. It is very rare for a man to have a good relationship with his daughter instead of his son. Some people even suspected that Zuma might be fighting with his son because they didn’t even stay together. Duduzane left Mkandla long ago.

Following that, yesterday he posted that he’s going to Nkandla to visit former president Jacob Zuma after a very long time. Even when Zuma was sick, Duduzane didn’t go to see him at Nkandla. He has been staying at Bee Castle for a long time. What was even more surprising was that he is contesting for the presidency position, but his father is not campaigning for him. He has never said anything about it.

On his visit to Nkandla, Duduzane had a trailer full of cows. He posted on social media that he’s going to visit his father and he has a present for him. In the car of his trailer, there were over five cows that he bought for his father, Jacob Zuma. Many people were surprised because they thought these two were fighting.

After he posted this photo, people warned him that he shouldn’t have put so many cows on one trailer because it might cause an accident like he did last time when he accidentally killed someone.

As we all know that there will always be critics, many people criticized him and stated that he is purchasing a legacy for Duduzile because when Zuma dies, he will undoubtedly leave everything he has with her .What’s your take on Duduzane and his father’s relationship? Do you think it’s okay for a father to have a son but have a closer relationship with his daughter than with his son? Leave your comments below

Source: https://twitter.com/duduzanezuma_22/status/1587449304389718017?s=46&t=_RTO0qmUT1qXAofNak1j1w

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