Dr Tumi Biography

It is never too late to follow your passion. At 30, Dr Tumi finally became the gospel musician he always wanted to be after six years in medical school. Since then he has constantly produced soul touching gospel songs and broken a few records. This father of 3 has quite an interesting journey that is kept close to the hearts of South Africans. His early life, wife, family, and a career in medicine have all played a big role in his life.

Born Tumishang Makweya, Dr Tumi is one of the most popular gospel musicians in South Africa. Dr Tumi was born and raised in Limpopo, in the little town of Seshego. His interest in music can be credited to the influence of his father, a priest. So much so, that at the age of 9, he was already learning and practicing the piano. This would later earn him the instrumentalist title when he began his music career.

Dr Tumi Background

Dr Tumi’s Christian upbringing was the perfect environment to practice and perfect his music interests. He debuted during talent shows in Sunday school. To his advantage, his father was a priest and therefore better situated to kick start his music career. However, it is Dr Tumi’s good voice that has seen him exceed to heights very few artists in the South African entertainment industry have been able to achieve.

Dr Tumi Education and Career in Medicine

However, his branding is actually legit. In as much as many testify to getting healed after listening to Dr Tumi songs, he is actually a certified medical doctor. He was crowned doctor after completing a six-year course at the Medical University of Southern Africa (Medunsa).

He graduated in 2006. His father was also a major contributor to this achievement as he wanted his son to pursue medicine. Armed with his degree, Dr Tumi tried his hand at the public health sector job market before quitting to start his own practice. He still runs this private practice in Mabopane, north of Pretoria. He started off by making house visits to his patients, which is another reason he is so loved.

Dr Tumi Wife and Family

In 2008, Dr Tumi married Kgaogelo. This came just one year after he split from the music group Intense that launched his career in 2007. The official story is that he had to change the location for personal reasons and could therefore no longer contribute as much to the group. It can be said he was making the decision for his family and practice.

Kgaegolo Makweya is not just a wife to Dr Tumi; she is also his manager. Dr Tumi wife has not been in the spotlight as much but is very much involved in his career. In fact, she helps out a lot, and Dr Tumi constantly runs his music ideas through her. When she is not helping with his musical ideas, Kgaegolo runs Ekse Hello, a branding and marketing company.

The two have been married for over 10 years now. Bokamoso, Khumoetlile and Onalerona are the three children that complete this intimate Dr Tumi family. Little is known about his children which is not surprising as they are still young and their mother runs a marketing company. Dr Tumi is very proud of them and has always been known to credit them during his award acceptance speeches.

 Dr Tumi albums

After he left Intense, Dr Tumi get on a solo career journey. Drawing inspiration from fellowship and Christianity, Dr Tumi released his first album. Since then, Dr Tumi albums and songs have continued to flood and prosper in the gospel industry. Dr Tumi has written most of the songs on his albums and also produced them. He currently falls under the categories of producer, instrumentalist, songwriter and vocalist in the music industry

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