DJ Lady Du Biography: Age, Husband, Father, Education, Background, Career And Net Worth

DJ Lady Du Biography: Age, Husband, Father, Education, Background, Career And Net Worth

DJ Lady Du (born Duduzile Ngwenya in 1991) is a South African disk jockey and songwriter. She is famous for her unique beats and has been in music for a long time. Her career could be traced down to her young days.

She started doing music at the age of nine. She had her music break in 2020 at the time she had almost given up on music. Music found her and she began to gain ground in the music industry. Today, she has added several other hits to her music credits.

She is also a familiar face with music lovers in the United States, her picture appeared on a billboard on Times Square. She started her career in music as a child but gaining recognition was a challenge for her. At nine, she was already in the game but struggled in the highly competitive industry.

After so many years, in 2020, she had her breakout in music at the time she almost gave up. However, she joined the Amapiano circle lately and hasn’t spent up to two years. She is already making waves in the industry and releasing hit songs.

She has connected and collaborated with many artists in the entertainment industry. Among her friends is the late Mpura who was involved in an accident that claimed his life. She could only express her heartbreak with her several tribute to the late popular figure.

5 things to know about amapiano star Lady Du

Profile Summary

Name                             Duduzile Ngwenya

Other names                   DJ Lady Du

Born                               1991 (age 30 years) Vosloo, Gauteng, South Africa

Nationality                       South African

Gender                            Female

Education                         Somatology studies in London Partner Actor Andile Mxakaza                                             Father R&B DJ Choc

Daughter                          Mia

Occupation                       Musician, vocalist, songwriter, DJ

Family                              DJ Zan D (Uncle)

Height                              5 feet 4 inches

Genre                               Amapiano


Love Is In The Air For Isibaya Actor Andile Maxakaza & DJ Lady Du! - Mgosi

The deejay was born into a family that has a background in music. After her birth in the 90s, her parents named Duduzile Ngwenya.

Some of her family members including her father, a veteran RnB singer, and uncle DJ Zan D, are doing music. On stage, she goes by the name DJ Lady Du.


Til death do us apart' — Lady Du and Andile Mxakaza celebrate anniversary

The popular disk jockey Lady Du is dating a South African actor Andile Mxakaza. She met the Isibaya actor a decade and two years ago but they dated for 4 months. In 2020, they fell in love once more and started a new journey in their love life. In the same year, Andile decided to take their relationship to the next level.

Andile has proposed to the beautiful deejay and Duduzile of course said yes! According to her, it was the best decision she has ever made. He has been of great help to her in dealing with depression and reconciling with her family.

He started with the lobola negotiations though they are not rushing things. Though their love life is a part of their lives, their career is another part. Lady Du is a mother from her previous relationship. Her daughter’s name is Mia.


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Although she hails from a music-loving family, her father enrolled her for academic studies. He understands the value of education and would create an option b for his daughter. After graduating from high school, Lady Du received a bursary from Carnival City for a somatology course in London.

Music Journey

Lady Du remembers her "brother" Mpura and shares the final text [photos] - Eminetra South Africa

She hails from a musical family, her dad is R&B DJ Choc. Her uncle is also a name in the music industry – DJ Zan D. She developed an interest in music from a young age, Her father supported and taught her to deejay and at a young age, Lady Du was already good.

At 9, she entered a DJing competition and emerged the winner. Career She worked as a somatologist and skin therapist only to save money, her first love had always been music. In 2012, she quit her job and returned to the country.

It was uneasy for the disk jockey to make a name for herself in the industry at that time.  After she tried and tried, she left the music scene for a while. She landed a job as a logistics manager in 2016. She worked with them for 3 years.

In 2019, the current situation got her depressed and she attempted to take her life. Amapiano has taken the music industry by storm and has created many hits for many disk Jockeys including Lady Du. She has released several hits to her name and has worked with several artists.


Lady Du on making Amapiano hits and her engagement to Andile Mxakaza | Drum

Some of her songs include;

  • Woza
  • uZuma Yi Star
  • Dakiwe
  • Catalia
  • Xxikiwawa
  • Kings X Queens
  • More Than That
  • Buyile
  • Ama-Beer
  • Umsebenzi Wethu
  • Siyashada
  • Temptation
  • Igama Lam
  • Uzong’linda
  • Dabula
  • Serious
  • Isbabuli
  • Barman

Social Media

Lady Du on making Amapiano hits and her engagement to Andile Mxakaza | Drum

DJ Lady Du has also gained a lot of followership on social media. On Instagram, she engages and updates followers on her music journey, performances, and more. To contact the disk jockey, use any of the contact options below:

Instagram: @ladydu_sa


Tel: +27 (82) 886-2259

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