Davido Put a tattoo of his late 3 year old son with this painful message

Nigerian megastar Davido who lost his 3-year-old son after he drowned in a swimming pool at his residence previously put a tattoo of all his children.

Davido who is known by many for being a talented musician is also a great family man behind closed doors.

At this moment he and his wife Chioma are mourning the loss of their son Ifeanyi Adeleke.

Earlier in January 2021, the singer set social media ablaze with tattoos of his children’s faces.

On his tats, he was honoring his three beautiful children. The then father of three who’s now a father of two alive children took to Instagram to show off his inks.

Meanwhile, there’s a lot of controversy surrounding the death of his son Ifeanyi.

Reports claimed that 9 of his domestic workers including the chef and nanny were taken in for questioning by Lagos State police.

Though not formally charged the nanny and chef faced possible charges of negligence as they are the only ones who were assigned to the care of the baby.

Lawyers and pressure groups have come to the defense of these workers saying they should be set free.

Another lawyer Mr Matthews argued that the people that should be charged for negligence should be Davido and Chioma.

He claimed that Obo was quick to expose his children to dangerous situations like swimming pools without proper supervision.

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