Criminals In Gerhardsville Has No Peace, See What They Did To A Police Van

Although there is no such thing as a crime-free country every country be fighting its criminals in different ways, Truth us it seems like our ways of fighting criminals in south Africa appear to be the weakest we have all these huge crime rates and all of these is even escalating to a point where the police are also turning victims of criminals now.

I take it that you know of the fact that police have over the years getting abused at their police stations all because criminals wanted to rob them of their guns to go commit more crimes with them I guess, Well it seems as all that is now escalating to a point whereby the police are now being seen as possible car hijack victims by the criminals I mean look at they did to a police van in Gerhardsville just last night.


This is very bad I mean think about it this way, If the police vehicles are also gonna get hijacked when there’s also a huge shortage of them in certain police stations how are they gonna get to crime scenes and right crime? I mean we all know that once a car gets stolen or hijacked it doesn’t usually get recovered since criminals know how to disable trackers and all that so imagine what is to happen to a police station that could lose cars over this? Or a situation whereby the police are attending a crime scene but this happens.

This is gonna be super bad right? Well have a look at what some people have been saying about all this in the comments section attached below

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