Coming up on Skeem saam: Lehasa Is In Trouble As Fannie’s Spirit Start To Hurt Him In

Lehasa is in trouble as Fannie’s Spirit starts to hurt him in Skeem Saam. Lehasa and his uncle Phomolo went to see Sangoma who revealed that there is a Spirit of someone he killed that is going to hurt him for the rest of his life. The sangoma has told them that they have too much blood on their hands and there is a dark cloud hanging around their home.

Apparently, Lehasa is going to lose many things before his life gets back to normal. The sangoma already them that things are not looking good for him. The sangoma has told him that for him to have peace he has to give back everything he stole from people.

Well, apparently viewers do not feel sorry for Lehasa as he deserves whatever that’s coming for him. The death of Fannie is going to put him in trouble and h might not recover from this. The sangoma has warned Lehasa about the death that is coming. Mzansi cannot help but think about the Baby or Khwezi.

The sangoma has told him to Fix The mistakes of his past which means giving Sonti back her business. The sangoma has also spoken about the short man. The short old man he’s referring to must be the man they stole baby formula from before coming here and changing their surnames to Maphosa. That milk story or something along those lines.

Do you think Lehasa will go to jail? What will you happen to his businesses?

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