Checkout what people spotted as lady was dancing in a Tik Tok video

A lot of people take videos, and sometimes they capture some things that they never expected to catch while they are recording. Some people don’t even realize they captured something interesting in a video until they go over it when they are home rewatching it before they post it.

Well, it’s good to film memories sometimes you might even capture a memory you never expected to catch.

Well, there’s a video that was recently posted on Twitter, by a Twitter page called QueenNthesh. In the video, a young woman can be seen dancing to an Amapiano song called “Ba Strata”, and people noticed something that was going on in the background of the video.

While the young lady was dancing in the video, in the background was an old white man who was passing by, but ended up stopping and admiring the lady while she dances. The old man stood there watching for a couple of seconds until he left.

The comments were saying things like, the old man was probably rethinking his choices as he watched the young lady dance, and some seem to believe he just genuinely was admiring the young lady’s dance moves, but it we all will never know what his intentions were.

Source: QueenNthesh

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