Check out what people noticed about this guy at a funeral that left people surprised

Traditionally, funeral etiquette advises both men and women to dress conservatively and respectfully in black. The most typical funeral attire is black or a dark color, however, certain cultures demand that mourners don something else.

In Western society, it is generally customary to wear black to a funeral. Black is not universally seen as the right color for a funeral, though. For instance, mourners (both male and female) are supposed to wear white to a Hindu or Sikh funeral; black is deemed improper.

Speaking of people wearing inappropriate clothes at a funeral brings me to this guy who was posted wearing what seems to be a suit but it looks short and white, which is one thing that most people go against it.

The guy is seen in white attire and some white boots and even had some glasses, this caused a stir on social media with some claiming he has a fashion Sense.


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