Check Out The List Of Big Zulu’s Cars From BMWs To Ranger Rovers

Check Out The List Of Big Zulu’s Cars From BMWs To Ranger Rovers

Big Zulu is a flamboyant singer who enjoys spending millions on purchasing expensive cars. He made headlines after buying an R1.5 million Range Rover Sport in February. Besides his newly bought car, Zulu has been spotted on different occasions driving fancy cars leaving Mzansi questioning if he owns them or not?

The rapper we all love to hate came from humble beginnings and has worked hard to be famous today. The Umuzi eSandton hitmaker is one of the country’s most successful and influential musicians. To cap his celebrated lifestyle, he has managed to gift himself with the most delicate babies on the market when it comes to cars. Here is a look at Big Zulu’s million-rand garage.

Range Rover Sport

Big Zulu-Image Source(Instagram/Big Zulu)

Zulu’s garage is well decorated with exotic beasts, including a Range Rover Sport valued at R1.5 million. His Range Rover is his new baby, and he has been flaunting it on his Instagram.

Range Rover Sport comes with a turbocharged 3.0-litre inline-six-cylinder, Ranger Rover’s excellent all-wheel-drive system, and an exceptional eight-speed automatic transmission. In recent months he has been spotted not only with one Ranger Rover but several Ranger Rovers.

BMW 325i Gusheshe Convertible

Big Zulu

BMW Gusheshe is one of the most iconic cars in Africa. It is without a doubt that Zulu’s Gusheshe is his favourite car. Big Zulu purchased his Gusheshe in 2021 after teasing the purchase for some time on social media.

He even asked his fans if a BMW 325i Gusheshe was suitable for him. Rumour has it that the rapper has two Gusheshe’s in his garage. Rumour mill has it that he does not have one but several BMW gusheshes.

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