Check Out Quinton Jones Net Worth 2022

Former football player Quinton Jones leads a lavish lifestyle in a million dollar mansion in Johannesburg and owns a convoy of cars. Jones is wealthy in his own right but does not show off often. According to a report by Buzz South Africa in 2020 , he had an estimated net worth of $3 million or R45.4 million.

Currently it is estimated at $5 million. Quinton’s annual and monthly income are not available which is why inside sources in a recent review revealed that the entrepreneur is worth about $30m. He has collected this amount from his football career and content production job. With that worth he might have other sources of income that are not known.

Quinton Jones Football career

Jones knew he loved football from a young age so he started playing early and into high school. When he started playing in Bois state University, it became obvious at this point that he was forging a football career. He joined National football league in 2007 as a free agent and got a deal with the San Diego chargers of NFL but was released in two months.

He then joined Canadian Football League and signed a one-year contract with Saskatchewan Roughriders of the Canadian Football League. The agreement lapsed in June 2008 and he was released. Hence it would be irrational to say his fortune came from football.  Furthermore,  it would be unlikely that the money he made 14yrs ago was still sustaining him to date.

Quinton Jones production company 

Before relocating to South Africa, he was a professional footballer in America. Quinton is currently working as a producer and director in South Africa. This begs the question- how did a footballer arrive at this career choice?

After that contract expired, he relocated to South Africa, where he joined the film and television show production industry. He worked with Urban Brew as a producer and director. This is also where he met Dlamini. Some of the shows done by Urban Brew are Real Goboza, Friends Like Those, Live Amp and Zabalaza.

Quinton gained movie production skills and transformed it into business.  He founded the production company called Beautiful Day Production as a co-owner alongside his wife Minnie Dlamini. The company has recorded great success. Its first production was Becoming Mrs. Jones. The three part series collected R6 million from M-Net.

Will Quinton Jones’ divorce affect his net worth?

There is no doubt that marrying Dlamini gave Quinton more exposure and popularity. Their marriage alone reportedly raked R6 million from M-Net for exclusive broadcasting rights of the matrimonial event.  He then used a mass of his money to purchase a home after getting married. Quinton Jones’ house located in Johannesburg is luxuriously decorated and furnished. The couple recently got divorced.

Unless the pair had a prenuptial agreement, things might go south real fast for Quinton. It is not known yet whether Minnie and Quinton were married in a community of property.  If they were, the actress would be entitled to fifty percent of his possessions. Despite the end of their marriage and romantic relationship, Dlamini stated that they remain friends and business partners.

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