Check Out Gomora actor ‘Sbonga’ Khaya Mthembu’s academic qualifications shock Mzansi

Check Out Gomora actor ‘Sbonga’ Khaya Mthembu’s academic qualifications shock Mzansi

Khaya Mthembu plays the role of Sbonga on Mzansi Magic telenovela Gomora. Sbonga’s outstanding skills made him a well-known actor on Gomora in the Sonto family. Despite being known by many fans, he is far from a favourite as he resembles a character no one would want to imagine.

The character of Sbonga made many Gomora fans assume that he is a dumb person in real life. Indeed, executing such a compromising and challenging role requires so much talent and skills. His academic qualifications surprised Mzansi. We discovered that he is well educated after digging deep down into Sbonga’s personal life.

Gomora Sbonga academic qualifications

The thirty-five-year-old actor is clearly out of ideas in Gomora. He can not help his child Tshiamo to do her Grade 11 homework. She gives everything to her wife and can’t even do the general things a man must do. He can’t find a small job to be independent with his family; hence, he stays with his mother-in-law MamSonto.

The whole perception attached to Khaya is clear to write him ff academically. However, he went through his Matric and passed with high grades in real life. He went on to tertiary education, studying acting and contemporary performance at Rhodes University. He went on to further his studies and cement his acting knowledge at AFDA, where he studied film.

Khaya Mthembu Sbonga Gomora academic qualifications

Despite being the only man in the house, Sbonga is the weakest person in MamSonto’s house. Sbonga can not take care of his wife and child; he can’t even care for himself. In a family where guns fly everywhere, Sbonga can not even pull a trigger. Neighbours blast him for being a lazy and brainless man, but he seems comfortable living under MamSonto.

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