Bullets were flying high between police and criminals at China mall

Bullets were flying high between police and criminals at China mall

In South Africa, crime rates have been steadily increasing for the past two decades. Despite this, the public perception of crime is still very negative. This is likely due to the media’s portrayal of criminals as wealthy and successful. In reality, however, crime does not pay. In fact, it often results in a life of poverty, jail, and misery.

Most people who engage in criminal activity do so out of desperation. They are trying to escape poverty or violence, or they are addicted to drugs or alcohol. Whatever the reason, crime is not a viable solution to life’s problems

Topic ” South Africa now becoming a war zone, gun firing daylight”, says Judaeda Blanco after watching a shocking video.

There was once a time were to hear the of a gun shot was very rare. For such to happen, it could even take years and years for it to happen, more especially at the Villages. That was when South Africa was still a safe country with less criminal activities.



Now without any fear or favour, South Africa has became a war zone, with gun firing daylight and in almost everyday, with criminals whom are nolonger afraid of laww enforcement agencies members.

Criminals are now heavily armed with illegal firearms such as AK47’S and they are no longer fear to use them at anywhere and anytime.

Yesterday it has been reported that there were Armed Robbers which Caught inside China Mall in Qumbu, Eastern Cape Province trying to do a robbery, unfortunately police arrived in time.

According to the reports, Three suspects were Killed during the shooting out with the police, fortunate enough one Arrested and Unconfirmed number of other suspects Drove off the scene.

It was good work by Police officers, preventing another robbery from taking place.

Source: https://t.co/J8mUrVc71c


If you’re looking to stop doing crime, there are a few things you can do. First, try to assess why you’re committing crimes in the first place. Are you doing it for the money? The thrill? Or because you feel like you have no other choice? Once you know your motivation, you can start to look for other alternatives. If money is your main motivator, try to find legal ways to make money that won’t put you at risk of going to jail.

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