Brighton Ngoma Biography

Brighton Ngoma is a prominent South African actor famous for his role Quinton Nyathi on etv’s Scandal. His good looks are not the only quality that attracts him a considerable following, but he has the flair to match. At first look one would think he grew up with everything on a silver platter but he has gone through the most.

Biography of Brighton Ngoma

Profile Summary

Age: 36 years

Birthday: 25 June 1986

Birthplace: Mpumalanga, South Africa

Profession: Actor

Net Worth: $600 000

Wife: Tshepi Mashego

Son: Leano

Brighton Ngoma Famoli

Despite his ability to turn the most muted moment into a jolly one, he buries childhood struggles behind that charming smile. Growing up without a father, his mother raises him single-handedly as the father refuses to take responsibility. After his Swiss father cuts all ties, Ngoma’s mother falls pregnant and he has to help his mother raise his younger brother.

Brighton Ngoma’s career

Losing his mother at a tender age, he gets into foster care and is forced to mature early. Starting as a stage manager, he never dreams of gracing the small screen. With time, a featuring role on Scandal! It lands on his lap. His skills see him getting a promotion as a call actor on the show and the rest is history.

Brighton Ngoma’s ordeal with Vitiligo

Not one to shy away from the camera, the actor lets us in on his skin condition. Vitiligo, is a rare skin condition that leads to the loss of skin pigmentation, causing discoloration. It is neither painful nor contagious and he has it on his hands and arms.

Brighton Ngoma’ wife

News blaze to all crushing on the gorgeous actor, Brighton is taken. Married to the gorgeous Tshepi Mashego, the couple has a son, Leo. Despite growing up without her father, he is executing his role perfectly.

Brighton Ngoma’ car

He gets his excellent eye for cars from his Swiss genes. A proud owner of a rare Mercedes-Benz CLA AMG 2019 limited edition which costs no less than $35 000, he is living the life.

Brighton Ngoma’s net Worth

The actor is without a doubt the master of his craft. His acting career is taking off and cashes in quite a handsome dollar. With a net worth of $600 000, Ngoma is heading for the stars

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