Bride dies after her wedding but Mzansi noticed something strange on her wedding day

This beautiful lady got married to the love of her life, that’s obvious because you don’t just marry someone who’s not your lover for life. But this story has a bad ending to it as the wife who you can see in below picture never lived to go on her honeymoon with her husband.

Here she is in two different pictures a wedding dress on the left and before her wedding on the right in the picture below.

But in the below picture, you can see that her hand is fine and shows no problem in the right picture.

Here in the below picture, her hand is being noticed with something that’s why it I circled so that you can see too what is noticed here on her hand. It looks like this lady’s health is not good as there is a drip middle on her hand, and you ask yourself how was she discharged with a drip needle.

According to the below screenshot, it is reported that this lady was getting married with a drip needle in her hand and she died the following day, such a sad story about what happened to her and her husband.

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