Black Motion Biography: Everything We Know About The Musical Duo

Black Motion Biography: Everything We Know About The Musical Duo

Black Motion was created in 2010 by DJ Murda (born Robert Mahosana) and Thabo Mabogwane. The duo came together to form the musical group that is now a big name in the entertainment circle. Both parties are talented artists which have helped them gain ground.

Radio listeners are familiar with their songs which is played over and over again. They further gained prominence after their songs appeared in many compilations. The duo had their musical breakthrough when they dropped the song titled Banane Mavoko.

The song which could translate to clap your hands featured the late Jah Rich. They have also worked with other big artists in the music scene. Among others, they have collaborated with DJ Mthi, Bantu Soul, and Oskido.

Black Motion Rises to the Occasion with new Single - i rise


Name                                            Black Motion

Country of origin                            South Africa

Members                                       Robert Mahosana and Thabo Mabogwane

Albums                                         The Healers: The Last Chapter (2020), Ya Badimo                                                            (2016), Fortune Teller (2014), On Cue Vol 2 (2011)

Awards                                          South African Music Award for Best Dance Album,                                                             South African Music Award for Best Duo/Group of the                                                       Year

Years active                                    2010-date

Genre                                             Dance/Electronic

Record labels                                   Sound African Recordings, Ocha Records, SME Africa,                                                        UNIVERSAL MUSIC


Black Motion | Bookings and Contacts | Quotations and Rates

The popular musical duo was formed by two South African artists Robert Mahosana aka, DJ Murda, and Thabo Mabogwane in 2010. In the next year, they dropped their first album Talking to the Drums (2011). They have also worked with other music labels outside the country who helped release their music tracks.

Nulu and Tribe are among the labels they’ve worked with. They have also held performances outside the shores of South Africa. Black Motion has performed in counties within and outside the African continent. They have performed in the UK, Miami, Portugal, Angola, Botswana, and Namibia.


Black Motion

The musical duo Black Motion is made up of two members including DJ Murda and Thabo. DJ Murda was born Robert Mahosana in Potchefstroom but was raise in Soshanguve.

They were united with a common interest, music. Though the group was created in 2009, they started gaining ground in the next year.


Black Motion set to rock the Big Apple

Black Motion has released many hit songs since they first ventured into the music industry. Many fans and lovers of music seem to enjoy their work which is evident in their viewership on YouTube.

Among their songs, Joy Joy feat. Brenden hit over 3 million views on the streaming platform. Blending traditional drums in their work has further gained them a presence. In 2020, they dropped the album The Healers: The Last Chapter.

They have also worked with popular South African rapper Sho Madjozi and a Kenyan pop band, Sauti Sol. They also collaborated with Vanco and Justin Chalice on the jam Closer To The Light.


Black Motion to celebrate 10 years in the music industry on Youth Day

Tracks                                      Featured artists                                  Duration
Beat of Africa                            Celimpilo & Nokwazi                                06:53

Can’t deny the feeling                Zamo                                                     04:48

Free                                         Sauti Sol                                                 03:26

Trap en Los                               Nokwazi                                                  05:18

BloodStream                             Tresor                                                     04:42

Sibusiso                                                                                                  04:00

Noyana                                     Dumza Maswana                                      04:49

Uleleni                                      Ami Faku                                                  04:05

Ven pa ka                                  Homeboyz                                                06:23

I wanna be                           Brenden Praise & Kabza Da Small                    05:59

Ake cheat                                  King Monada & Chymamusique                  06:01

Mshubo                                     Ihashi Elimhlophe                                     04:37

To my tribe                                 Bonj                                                        05:47

Ome                                          Brenden Praise                                          05:47

Uleleni                                       Ami Faku                                                   05:11

Noyana                                      Dumza Maswana                                         06:56

Hosana                                      Sun-El Musician & Nobunhle                         04:49

Marry Me                                    Msaki                                                         06:31

Sibusiso                                                                                                       06:00

LaSalsa                                      Simmy                                                        06:03

BloodStream                               Tresor                                                         07:01

Soyeka                                       TabiaCaiiro, Tabia                                         08:51

Trap en Los                                 Nokwazi                                                      07:31

Free                                           Sauti Sol                                                     06:08

Can’t deny the feeling                  Zamo                                                          06:38

Technology                                  Da Capo                                                      08:03

Peperuka                                     Idi Aziz                                                        06:11

Amandla                                      NaakMusiQ & Mvzzle Beat                             06:02

Pretty lights                                  Alie Keys, KB & Tshepo                                 07:22

Lava                                             PrichA                                                         06:33

Vuka                                             Indlovukazi & DJ Fortee                                05:14

Stametta                                       Afrikan Roots, Chymamusique,                      05:40

T-Deep & Gorge Munetsi

Swing Jozi                                      Malehloka                                                    06:16

Everything                                      Afrotraction & Mo-T                                      03:43

Hosana                                           Sun-El Musician & Nobunhle                         04:01

Marry Me                                         Msaki                                                         04:47

Ome                                                Brenden Praise                                           04:38

Ake Cheat                                        King Monada & Chymamusique                    04:21

Ven Pa Ka                                         Homeboyz                                                 04:00

Mshubo                                            Ihashi Elimhlophe                                       03:13

LaSalsa                                            Simmy


Title                                                                   Year

The Healers: The Last Chapter                             2020

Ya Badimo                                                          2016

Fortune Teller                                                      2014

On Cue Vol 2                                                       2011

Social media

Black Motion NPR Tiny Desk Concert At Mandela's Former Residence – Le'Afrinique

They are active on social media and have gained a vast following for their content. Black Motion fans stay connected to their engaging content where they promote their music.

They talk about their performances and more using the platform. On the Black Motion Instagram account, @realblackmotion, they boast over three hundred and seventy thousand followers.

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