“Ancestors Are Rolling In Their Graves.” Reactions to Ramaphosa moments at KZN.

“Ancestors Are Rolling In Their Graves.” Reactions to Ramaphosa moments at KZN.

A lot has happened on Saturday during the coronation of the Zulu king Misuzulu KaZwelithini at Moses Mabhida stadium in KwaZulu-Natal. The event attracted too much attention from the media and it is not surprising that the ceremony has been on top of social media platforms since Friday. 

There were too many highlights at the ceremony but the most important part of it all is when President Cyril Ramaphosa handed over the certificate of recognition to King Misuzulu KaZwelithini. However after that moment, there were other occasions that got People talking. 



One of the moments that caught public attention is when President Ramaphosa was given a spear. Zano on social media reacted to the moment and said, “Ancestors are rolling in their graves. Look at how Ramaphosa is holding a spear. This looks so wrong.”

As it appeared on the pictures, the President was holding the spear upside down. However, the manner in which the President held the spear should not be made a big issue because he was not at war with anyone at Moses Mabhida stadium. Another issue to put into consideration is that, he is not of the nguni tribe. 



Judging Ramaphosa and joking about how he holds a spear is like laughing at an elephant because it can’t swim. Surely Ramaphosa was not raised in the era where people were fighting with spears and he might have not been exposed to a spear before. 


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