ANC response: “We wish Cde. Zanele Strength, Wisdom and Courage.”

ANC response: “We wish Cde. Zanele Strength, Wisdom and Courage.”

The African National Congress has not wasted time in responding to the trending and unfortunate sex scandal of their Speaker at Free State Provincial Legislature. 

Most people might have been wondering what will happen with the Speaker that now her dirty laundry has been exposed to the public. In a media release statement, the ANC indicated that they communicated with the speaker and receive a briefing.

The release which indicates that it comes from the ANC free State Caucus discouraged the continued circulation of the video and any material related to it. According to the ANC report, Sifuba has apparently opened a civil claim and asked for her decision to be respected on dealing with the matter. 

The leading organisation has indicated that they are fully behind Sifuba and they have full confidence in her. “The ANC caucus wish to state that it has full confidence in cadre Zanele and supports her in what seems to be an attack to her integrity. We wish Cde. Zanele strength, wisdom and reenergised courage to carry out her responsibilities as deployed by her organisation.” The statement concluded. 

There were no mentions of the culprit or any other details regarding the unpleasant viral video. A good thing is that at least Zanele Sifuba has taken further steps in seeking justice. Hopefully her political detractors are not going to use her misfortune as a political weapon or weakness.

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