All Foreigners in South Africa should take note of this announcement.

All Foreigners in SA should take note of this announcement.

It could be difficult for tourists to get around South Africa. Because of their criminal records, they are being deported. Local employees believe that foreigners steal from and take advantage of them, which contributes to their negative perception of foreigners in general. It is planned to keep fighting immigration until every last South African has departed the country.

To date, South Africans have been unsuccessful in ridding their country of all non-natives. Operation Dudula appears to have been a failure thus far.

South Africans have come to terms with the fact that they must do something different in order to rid their country of undesirable visitors. At the rally, there will be no fighting, threats, or looting. Here, we anticipate a more subdued get-together. It could have dire ramifications if you refuse to do business with companies owned by non-citizens.

Some Twitter users have complained that South Africans don’t seem to care about domestic or international affairs.

What are your opinions on this matter? Can South Africa successfully remove all foreigners with this plan?


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