Alfred and Hawk are accusing Julius Malema of being Zimbabwean foreigner

Alfred and Hawk are accusing Julius Malema of being a Zimbabwean foreigner.

The co-founder of the Economic Freedom Fighters, who’s also the commander in chief of the party, Julius Sello Malema known to be a huge supporter or advocate of one united Africa.

He stands firm with foreigners living in the Republic of South Africa and argued them to find a way to enter South Africa with or without papers.

Many South African accused him of prioritizing foreigners over South Africa and even the policy of his political parties does accommodate foreigners.

Now there are people who are saying that the commander in chief of the Economic Freedom Fighters Julius Sello Malema was born in Zimbabwe, accusing him of being Zimbabwean.

Can the above actions justify his love for foreigners, or it’s the people who are jealous of him, accusing him of being from Zimbabwe even though we know that he grew up in Seshego?

The Hawk said that “So, this racist Zimbabwean-born conman Julius Sello Malema can tell black South Africans to murder white people & he is not arrested Cyril Ramaphosa? Julius you are going to find out soon the world is a small place. Start to look at the shadows.”


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