A young sangoma lady spooked Mzansi with her vision of DJ Sumbody.

A young sangoma lady spooked Mzansi with her vision of DJ Sumbody.

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“I Admire Your Profession” Thursday, November 24, 2022, at 10:55 by Hilary S. Sekgott In September, a young traditional healer predicted on social media that DJ Sumbody would die. The woman tweeted her vision, and Mzansi is only now realizing how close she came to being accurate. Social media users were astonished by her ability to predict future events, and many praised her prophetic abilities. PAY

UGC South Africans are still hurting after the murder of DJ Sumbody, and as they mourned on social media, an old tweet from a traditional healer was unearthed.

The young woman with the Twitter account @umakhosi99 commented on September 25 regarding the death of DJ Sumbody or someone linked with him in the music industry. She typed: “A prophecy for all DJs, especially those who have included DJ Sumbody.”

“One DJ in particular, whose name I cannot reveal, will have terrible brain injuries from an unbalanced speaker, which will result in either death or mental illness.”

Cassper Nyovest’s grief over the death of his friend DJ Sumbody is intense.

Sunday morning apparently witnessed the tragic shooting of musician DJ Sumbody.

Cassper has been inconsolable since the news emerged, and he has expressed his feelings and recollections of the businessman.

On his Twitter timeline, the rapper released a clip of a performance they shared at one of his memorable gigs.


“2019! Fill up the royal bafokeng! We dominated the summer! Months are passing by! Without you, SumB, it will be extremely difficult to continue. It is said that one never realizes what they have until it is gone. It gets more difficult every day! We had planned to be! “This was to be completed next week, Diddy!”

Cassper discussed his acquaintance with the deceased celebrity on his Facebook page, reminiscing about the memories they shared.

“Occasionally, you called me Diddy, and occasionally, you called me Kanye.” I am still undecided as to which I prefer, but I am certain that the link we shared was unique.

“You were always there for me, just as I was for you.” I pray for healing, acceptance, and comprehension since I can no longer bear the anguish. Pelo yaka e botloko SumB. ANEVA JO!”

The memorial service for DJ Sumbody, whose true name was Oupa John Sefoka, was held in the Lewende Wood church in Centurion, Gauteng.

Cassper’s relationship with DJ Sumbody began in 2014, when the musician began his radio career. Cassper was unable to contain his tears.

“He had an old soul and a solid foundation.” It was similar to having a father and a close friend in one individual. He taught me a lot of things I didn’t know and a lot of stuff I had forgotten from my parents, and I’m extremely thankful to have had a friend like him.

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