A terrifying video of a man saving a woman who was being attacked by a Pitbull

The video of a man saving a woman who was being attacked by a Pitbull left many people in shock. A few days ago, South Africans were saying that pitbull should be reported because they are not as friendly as other pets. In fact, Pitbulls have atrocious records of killing people including babies, and for that reason, people have now cared for Pitbulls.

In a video that was shared by a Twitter user who goes by the username; Kgoshi ya Lebowa, three women can be seen roaming the streets, and the other woman who was carrying a dog approached by a Pitbull and attacked her. Luckily a man popped out of nowhere and helped this woman, “Man saves a woman from a Pitbull thanks to a chokehold”. Watch the clip here:


Twitter users reacted to this video of a Pitbull attacking a woman. Some Twitter users were teaching others how to defeat a Pitbull “Most people don’t know that the best way to release a Pitbull is to suffocate it. Hitting it with the object or kicking it makes it angry” Wrote a Twitter user. “Pitbulls have a high pain tolerance. When it is in fight mode, stick, and stones won’t help much” Wrote another Twitter user. “That thing ain’t a pet,” Wrote another Twitter who has lost love for pit bulls.

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