A Sangoma was busy performing rituals at the river and this is what people noticed on her pictures

A Sangoma was busy performing rituals at the river and this is what people noticed on her pictures.

A woman told Facebook friends she visited the river to honor her ancestors. Only one of her 20 photographs sparked conversation. Her actions insulted some colleagues. People were too busy debating that she didn’t need to self-promote to notice her.

The Sangoma wore this outfit to greet their ancestors in the afterlife. Whatever society says, a woman’s self-respect is vital. To appreciate the temple of God that is your body, learn to respect it. You can’t tell everyone everything.

This woman’s confident. South Africans were taught to honor their family’s history. Those called because they understand the ancestors’ anger. When most people are asleep, Sangoma visits the river before morning.

A memorial service is held there. You can then wash away a month or week of misfortune. Then, your ancestors will bless you for visiting. This woman found comedy in everything to gain a man’s favor. Even now, she has no regrets.

First, observe her outfit. Elders advised dressing respectfully when praying to the Gods. You shouldn’t share images online while wearing them out of respect. The woman is happy to learn she’s trending and will have more customers. The tone of the comments under her photo suggests people aren’t interested in her advice. Appearing to gain clients with her looks.

Those who laugh at their ancestors’ mission lose others’ faith. Most young people with a spiritual calling approach it less reverently than their elders. Young folks do things past generations didn’t. In the past, these individuals used their feet to travel around. This practice is no longer followed.

This profession has embraced makeup, long nails, and Brazilian hair extensions. Ancestors are less angry than before. I can’t believe they’re letting this happen. Sangoma used to have red hair, but not anymore.

Interesting times. This kills our people. As a reader, you probably have opinions. Comment, share, and follow for updates.

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