“A Mine Full Of Illegal Foreigners Collapsed Last Night”

A mine full of illegal immigrants collapsed, and the area is full of Zama-Zamas from Lesotho, Zimbabwe as well as Mozambique.

So far it’s still a developing story, and we don’t know if they were miners inside when the whole thing collapsed.

But it’s possible some of the miners won’t make it out alive. Illegal mining as much as you may live a luxurious life but has its own set of dangers.


Illegal miners are benefiting in life by stealing state resources and we have a section of South African nationals, who are hoping none of those illegal miners comes out alive.

What is currently happening in South Africa is not fair at all because they’re in our country illegally and continue to do these sorts of crimes.

illegal foreign nationals have no place in our society they have to be deported back to their own countries.


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