4 Engcobo Children Allegedly Killed By Mother To Be Burried


The four youngsters who were purportedly killed by their mom in Tsalaba town in Engcobo last week – will be let go on Friday.

Their bodies were found in the rondavel they snoozed with their mom.

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The four matured somewhere in the range of two and 11.

The expectations of Nomboleko Simayile going to her youngsters’ memorial service have been run after she was shipped off the emergency clinic on Thursday.

Her bail hearing was deferred after she allegedly fell in the Engcobo Police headquarters holding cells not long under the watchful eye of her court appearance.

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The 32-year-old is blamed for clubbing her kids to death with a demolition hammer.

Her dad made the horrifying disclosure on Tuesday morning last week and said that the family was all the while reeling after the occurrence.

Different government authorities are supposed to go to the assistance.


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