10 Things You Didn’t know About Kelly Khumalo

Songbird Kelly Khumalo gets a lot of glory for her fine set of pipes. She has also been known to cause controversy with some of her decidedly sexy wardrobe. But away from showbiz, she’s a regular girl with ordinary people’s fears and stances. Our reporter caught up with her to chat about prayer, flirting and love.

She had her first kiss at the age of 15.

I was in high school and had probably just turned 15. I was in standard 7(Grade 9), if memory serves. I think I was with a boy my father didn’t like very much. It was not that significant, the kiss. It was not memorable.

She’s excessively plodding about her beauty routine.

I’m that girl who washes her face three times a day. I don’t go to sleep with make-up on unless I’m spilled. Neutrogena Hydro Boost products are amazing. So I use them a lot. They moisturize and boost your skin.

By her account she also plays a musical instrument.

Voice. Voice is technically considered a musical instrument. We are not even being academic about it, it’s a fact. The only instrument I play is my voice. I don’t play traditional instruments yet. I would actually like to play the piano one day if I find the time to learn. Don Laka has serious chops. I also love Abdullah Ibrahim.

She believes in flirting

I’m a huge flirt. If I see something I like, I flirt.

I can’t go a day without . . .

Prayer. I pray every day without fail.

Red or white wine

Heel or Wedges

Heels. We don’t even have to debate this. I hate wedges.

Everything in moderation but…

Happiness. Being happy in this life is important.

Her childhood celebrity crush is…

Usher Raymonds. It helps he’s not a bad-looking guy. Also, the way he conducts himself on stage is amazing.

You wouldn’t know it but…

I can’t stand people’s eyes. I’m very shy. So I would normally wear a cap or sunglasses in a public place.

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