10 Things You Didn’t Know About Dr Tumi

Dr Tumi is one of the best South African Gospel Ministers. He is a producer, songwriter, instrumentalist, vocalist and a physician.

This gifted singing doctor has been making waves in the media industry. Now let’s take a minute to learn more about this man who has stood out both in music and medicine.

  1. His real name is Tumishang Makweya.
  2. Dr Tumi was born and raised in Limpopo province, in a  township called Seshego, just outside Polokwane.

3. He studied medicine in Ga-Rankuwa at Medunsa.

4. He had his own private surgery.

5. He has 3 children, namely Bokamoso, Onalerona and Khumoetlile.

6. Dr Tumi got married in 2008 to his gorgeous wife Kgaugelo. He married kgaogelo Makweya at a very beautiful wedding ceremony. kgaogelo plays aa huge role in her husband’s music career. She is his manager and also owns her own marketing company, Ekse Hello.

Dr Tumishang says kgaogelo is involved in every process of his music career. “My family is very involved, my wife is very involved… she comes in, and she’ll tell me: ‘Okay, this is good, we’re ready.’ She’s been involved in the whole process. She’s the first person I bother with anything. I tell her, and if she says: ‘I think it can be done,’ I have more peace than anywhere else because I’m gonna have to deal with her throughout the process,” he said during an interview on SABC 3’s Real Talk in 2017.

7.  Dr Tumi is not just a songwriter;

8. Dr Tumi started his music career in 2007 as part of a music group called Intense. He then went solo afterwards

9. His father was a priest while his mother was a teacher.

10. Dr Tumi is motivated by the positive response his music gets from his followers. He wrote all 16 tracks of his debut album ‘Heart Of A King’.

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