10 Interesting Facts You Need To Know About Lady Zamar In Real Life

One female musician who is warming the hearts of many people is the stylish Yamikani Janet Banda. She is famous under the alias Lady Zamar. The songstress is taking the music industry by storm, and even with being new in the industry, she is making other artists have shake. Her rich voice matched with her genius lyrics have made her the talk of the South African media

Vocalists and lyricists have been left keen by Lady Zamar. Her fleshly lyrics and eye for fashion are traits that are making celebrities in the music and fashion industry keep a watchful eye on the rising star.


  1. Her birth name is Yamikani Janet Banda

Most musicians tend to have a stage name that is different from their formal names. It makes most people wonder who one might be referring to when their birth names are used, and fans are not aware of the names. Lady Zamar is the identified name being used by the South African songstress Yamikani.

  1. Lady Zamar had plans to teach in Korea

Every individual has a dream. That of Zamar was to go and teach in Korea. However, her plans to pursue her teaching dream in Korea came to a stop after she and Junior Taurus released the beater ‘Run Away.’ Seeing the clapping of the tune, Zamar decided to stay and focus on music.

  1. Lady Zamar has featured on some major tunes such as Pitori, Mamelodi, Dark Shadows, Love is Blind and Charlotte.

Most new musicians do not get the chance to work on hit projects when they immediately venture into the music industry. However, Lady Zamar is challenging this notion. Although she is new in the music industry and lack decades of experience, she is already featuring in hits such as ‘Love is Blind.’ Most people believe she deserves the features due to her amazing vocals.

  1. Lady Zamar used to play soccer in high school Read

Upon looking at Zamar, the first thing you will note is her attractive body. Most people would think that she is active in the gym and not in the field. However, this is far from the truth. Banda used to play soccer in high school, making her very flexible. It makes most people believe that her vast involvement in soccer helped in shaping her physique.

  1. Lady Zamar has stage

There is an assumption that singers never get stage fear. However, several of them get stage fear. Zmar is one musician who has come out to declare that she has stage fright

  1. Zamr is a very private person

Being a celebrity comes with fame and publicity. It may be hard for a musician to try and keep their life secret. However, Lady Zamar has managed to keep her life very secretive. She acknowledges that she is very secretive and only lets certain people know what she wants them to know.

  1. Lady Zamar hates peanut butter

It is common for an individual to have specific preferences compared to others. For most people, the exciting thing about breakfast is eating a slice of bread that has well spread peanut butter. For Zamar, this could be termed as the worst breakfast ever. Zamar acknowledges that she is not a fan of peanut butter.

  1. Lady Zamr is a big fan of cartoons

Currently, many people believe that cartoons are meant for kids. However, there are cartoons for both adults and kids. Zamar has come out to acknowledge that she is a lover of cartoons. Cartoons are a great source of entertainment, especially after a long day at work or in the studio, and for musicians. Banda revealed that one of her favorite cartoons is Toy Story.

  1. Lady Zamar dreams of working with specific big names in the music industry

It is essential that every individual has goals. After all, one should spur and dream, right? Well, for Lady Zamar, her dream is to work with some of the most projecting people in the world. These include Black Coffee of South Africa, Euphonik, Calvin Harris, and David Guetta.

  1. She is a big fan of Zodwa Wabantu

Lady Zamar came out to admit that she is a fan of Zodwa. Zamar revealed that every time she spots Zodwa, she is always charmed, due to the simple fact that Zodwa stands for a lot. Zamar explained that people think Zodwa just dances, while in the real sense, she is a representative of women empowerment in our generation.

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