10 Interesting Facts To Know About Actor Mxolis Majozi

  1. The star was born on 19 May 1976
  2. His real name is Mxolis Majozi, but he is well known as Zulu boy

  1. He a South African actor and musician from Ntuzuma, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. He has worked with famous South African hip hop artists, most of whom he drew inspiration from such as Pro.
  2. Mxolisi majozi’s breakthrough song was Nomalanga from the album Inqolobane, it was released in 2008. He went on to win the Best Rapper Award at the 2008 Metro FM awards.


  1. Mxolisi has had a successful career as an actor and television host. From 2012 to 2016 he hosted the SABC 1 variety show and Fan Base, across four seasons
  2. Zuluboy appeared in the first season of the SABC 1 drama series Intersex ions. He played the role of Big Boy on etv’s hit seriesGold Diggers. He is currently seen on the South African shows Uzalo as Last number and Durban Gen as Mcgyver.

7. He also worked as a Dj on the biggest radio station in Africa, Ukhozi FM.  He was released from Ukhozi FM after having sworn arguments with the station.

  1. He was raised by his mother. His father died in 1996, and his mother two years ago.
  2. Zuluboy’s marriage to Andiswa Majozi has him glowing and happily in love. So much so that his wife now joins the rapper and TV presenter on stage.

  1. The couple met when Majozi invited Zuluboy to a meeting to discuss a mentorship for deaf people.

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